Saturday, May 16, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt, and Robert's Photo Shoot..

 As you can tell Robert loves to put everything in his mouth...He may have gotten a little chocolate.  I could eat him...Seriously!  I love this age. 


Henry's Photo Shoot..

Henry, Henry, Henry.  This child is something else.  He came up with all these poses and truly loved his photo shoot.  He keeps us entertained!  He is as sweet as he looks in these pictures!  I am so blessed with these handsome boys of mine!

The hands in the pocket pose..

The crossed arm look.

I swear...this was all Henry's poses. Oh lord, help me! 

The photographer behind the scenes and the model...Henry Pangle.  Ha Ha

Foster's Easter Modeling Session....

Henry and Foster wanted to do some more individual pictures.  When I tell you they are hilarious, I mean it.  They were posing and they came up with these poses their selves.  They crack me up and oh so very handsome!  I know I'm posting a lot of pictures but I just can't resist posting most of them.  I just love the different face expressions in each picture.  I love this rascal to death!  His looks say it all! 

Easter Photos Part 2