Wednesday, June 24, 2015


We just recently joined a golf club and Eric and boys couldn't be any more excited.  I see us spending a lot of time here!  Looks like mama is going to have to dust off her clubs if she is going to ever want to see her boys!

Foster's End of Year Party

Walker's Field Day


Mothers Day 2015

These boys of mine sure do love me and know how to make me feel so loved, appreciated, and special on Mothers Day.  They spoiled me rotten.  We had the best day together.  We spent the afternoon all together relaxing.  My gift from them was a tree that I could go pick out and a little table top water fountain for my back porch.  They know exactly what their mama likes.  I love these boys with all of my heart.  I can say that I am a pretty lucky girl!

Henry's Lacrosse Party

Henry had another great season of Lacrosse.  We had a great team with wonderful kids, parents, and coaches. It was a fun season for sure!

A happy boy

Water Balloon War

One day Foster would not stop talking about wanting to do water balloons.  He found some in the garage and seriously talked about it non stop.  So I figured the only way to get him to stop talking about it was to go ahead and just do it.  This day ended up really being a great day to do it.  Mac was coming home from school with Henry to spend the night.  So I thought it would be fun to surprise them when they got off the bus with a water balloon fight.  Foster and I started making balloons at 9 in the morning and I felt like we did them all day long.  That is really all we did.  Of course we had to take breaks because of Robert but we spent the majority of the day doing them. I wish that I would have counted because I am sure it was well over 100.  My fingers were raw when it was all said and done.  However it was so worth it.  Those kids and I had the most fun ever!  They laughed the entire time and I have laughed just now from looking at these pictures.  The raw fingers were totally worth it for these boys!


Sweet Lola

Not a great, clear picture at all but this girl.... Lola is truly the best, sweetest, and prettiest dog ever!  We love her to pieces!