Monday, August 18, 2014

Thursday July 17th- Headed to Hospital!!!

FYI  I document this information for myself so I can look back and remember all the details...
Let the fun begin!!!  The day before I was having contraction off and on all day long.  Nothing consistent but all day long.  I continued with my day, went to the pool with the boys and Kim and her boys.  I was really feeling a lot of pressure.  That afternoon I just felt like something was going on.  Mind you I was 4cm and 80 % effaced on Monday when I went to doctor.  So I called my doctor and he told me to go ahead and come to the hospital and let them check me.  Eric and I had Pam come over and we headed out.  On the way to the hospital I called my mom and dad to give them a heads up.  I knew mama wanted to know at the sign of first pain. She did not want to miss anything and with them living 2 hours away I thought I should let them know.  I told them that it was up to them to come on in town or just wait until I was checked at hospital.  They decided to come on in and they stayed at Kim and Mason's house.  Eric and I got to the hospital around 8 pm and they checked me.  I was still the same.  They told me that we could stay and walk around for a couple of hours and then they would re check me or we could just go home.  I decided that there was no sense in staying to walk when we could come home and get some sleep.  So we left and came home.  So on Thursday we decided to go about our day as normal.  Since Mom and dad were in town she decided to make it a fun girls day.  Dad kept all the kids and Mama, Kim and myself headed out to a girls lunch at One Blue Duck.  It was a great little girls lunch and then we stopped at Mayfield Dairy for ice cream.  I was not having contractions consistent at all and actually felt great!  It seemed that everything had come to a stop.  I was completely fine with that.  The doctor was going to break my water on Monday if I haven't gone before then.  He said that he wouldn't have to induce because I had already progressed so much on my own.  So I knew that we were going to have a baby come Monday if I didn't go before.  So again, I was in no rush.  So after we got back from our girls day we got the boys from dad (he was going to visit a friend who lives here) mom, I and boys headed out to run a few errands.  We went to Costco and Target.  I was still feeling good just a little tired after being out all day.  When we got home Eric, Mom, Dad, and I were sitting in den talking.  Mom and Dad were curious what they should do as far as staying or leaving.  I was telling them that I thought they should just go back to Spartanburg because I didn't feel like the baby was going to come before Monday.  As soon as I said that I felt like my water had broke.  I quietly and calmly got up from the couch to head to the bathroom.  ( I was sure it wasn't pee b/c I didn't feel like I had to pee and I was didn't just As I started walking towards the bathroom Eric said, "Ellen you have something wet on the back of your dress".  I said, "I know, I think my water might have broken".  Ah the moment I have waited for has happened....I did it on my own...My water broke....Gosh the excitement was the best in this world.  It all worked out perfectly.  Mom and dad were already here so my kids were taken care of, it was just perfect.  As soon as I got myself together I called the doctors office.  The doctor on call asked if my contractions were bad and if they were 5 minutes apart.  I told here that they were not bad and that they were not consistent.  She told me to wait until they were 5 minutes apart before I go to the hospital.  Then she stopped and asked if I was dilated.  I told her I was 4cm and 80% effaced and 4 days over due.  She then asked was this my first pregnancy.  I told her no that this was my 4th and she said, "ok then you need to get yourself together and come up to the hospital as soon as you can".  I knew I needed to get there quick.  I showered and we headed out.  I was so excited and just waiting anxiously for the pain to set in.  I knew that I needed to eat but had no appetite.  We went thru Arby's drive thru and I think I only ended up eating about half of it.  Now the story will be continued.....

Friday, August 15, 2014

Due Date- Sunday July 13th

Today was my due date.  The baby was still comfy and cozy!  I love being pregnant!  I always feel so pretty and truly feel the best about myself when I am pregnant than not.  We cannot wait to meet this little baby! I had to be induced with my other 3 pregnancies for being late.  My doctor is going to let me go 2 weeks over this time.  I do not want to be induced unless necessary.  I really want to experience going into labor on my own.  Some people think that I am crazy.  However, I know that this baby is going to have to come out within the next 2 weeks.  So why in the world would I rush it? Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and I always hate when it is over.  It is such an amazing experience and I absolutely love everything about it.  Feeling your baby kick and move inside you is breath taking.  Its something you can never get back and its something that I know I will miss when its over.  I know at that point you then have the joys of having your baby to hold, kiss, and help grow.  Pregnancy just goes by so fast as well as children grow so fast.  So I like to enjoy and savor every second of this miracle that we have created!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Slip in Slide Fun with our Little Man!

July 11th- Dress like a Cow at Chick Fil A

We always do this every year.  This year I especially felt like a big cow...Only 2 days until my due date!  However I have the cutest little baby cows ever!  We ate breakfast and lunch and none of us could go back for dinner.  We were all chickened out! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The boys doing a little something for their soon to be sibling

My sweet neighbor/ friend did some furniture for me for the babies room.  I had this old book case that she offered to let the boys help paint for the baby.  It was so sweet of her to have this idea.  All 3 boy loved doing this and had a great time.  This was such a fun and sweet memory.  They all got to help do something for the babies nursery! 

Where oh where is Georgia?

This girl is precious!  We love our Georgia.  She loves hanging out in our flower garden in the back yard!!

Mommy/Daddy and Foster day!

Grandma and Granddaddy took Henry and Walker to Medieval Times for part of Henry's Birthday present.  So we decided to have a fun afternoon with Foster.  He chose to go to Chuckie Cheese. He had such a great time.  He loves playing there and really enjoyed the one on one time with just us.  We then came home and he wanted to watch Frozen.  We had a great family movie night!  Love my family!!