Monday, September 15, 2014

The boys and family meeting Robert

We had a wonderful First Day with Robert!  We loved visiting with all of our family and friends!  I do think that everyone is so in love with little Robert!  We are so very blessed in our lives!  Thank you God!!

My sweet nephews and Robert

Grandma and Granddaddy with their new grandson!

 Sweet Cousins- 6 Boys!!

That look kinda sums up Foster!  What can I do next to get in trouble?

The very proud Grandparents!

My best friend Carrie just so happened to be in town for work and got to come see Robert.  I loved seeing her!!

He has scratched his face to death!

The sweet nurse let my boys help give Robert his first bath!  So sweet!

My sweet Meme ~ Robert's Great Grandmother!  I love her!

My sweet cousin Sallie!  We were so excited that Sallie and her girls, Aunt Wewe and Meme all came to see us in the hospital from SC.  We had such a wonderful visit!!

Funny Mary Claire loved holding Robert

Sweet Riley Belle loving on Robert

My two Littles!!

Be Still My Heart!!

Robert Paul Pangle ~ July 18th, 2014 ~ 1:18 AM

It's a beautiful healthy baby boy!  Robert Paul Pangle was born at 1:18 AM and weight 9 lbs even and was 22 inches long.  Robert is Eric's Grandfather's name and Paul is my Great Grandfather's name.  I love his name!  I was so surprised by how much he weighed.  I would have bet that he would be my smallest one.  I only gained 27 pounds and just carried him so different.  When I said that I thought he was maybe 7 pounds the doctor immediately said, " Um I bet he is at least 9 lbs, did you see those shoulders"?  He was most definitely right.  It was such a fast and easy delivery.  I was immediately in love with my new little man.  I couldn't stop kissing him!  I loved not finding out the sex with him.  It made the pregnancy and delivery so much fun.  Even though deep down in my heart I knew that I was having a boy.  I never thought that I would be the mom to 4 little boys, but my goodness God new what he was doing.  Boys are awesome and love their mama!  I think we had everyone on pins and needles with his birth.  I am sure I hit a record with Facebook stalkers this night...Ha Ha.  With him being born in the middle of the night we just sent out a text to immediate family letting them know that we had a healthy baby and gave stats and that was it.  The boys asked if they could be the first to see the baby and they wanted to be the ones to go out into the lobby and tell everyone if it was a boy or girl.  So we had to wait until the next morning until they got to hospital to tell everyone.  It worked out perfect. I am already so much in love with my little Robert!