Friday, October 31, 2014

Foster and Granddaddy/ Grandma Day

Foster can't wait for Granddaddy to retire.  Granddaddy was here one day a couple of weeks ago during the week.  Granddaddy and Grandma picked him up from school and they spent the afternoon with him.  He wanted to go bowling so off they went.  Grandma picks him up from school once a week usually.  She spends the afternoon with him, spoiling him.  He looks forward to this day all week.  This particular week Granddaddy was here and he was so excited that Granddaddy was going to pick him up!  Count down is on for when he retires and he his here permanently!  The end of January is when its going to happen!  The boys are beyond excited and so are we.  We can't wait to have him here full time!  The  boys are beyond blessed with such wonderful Grandparents.  Foster loved this day with them!!!

Rakin Boy


Chattanooga ~ Day 2 ~ Incline Railway, Tennessee Aquarium and Randoms

We had a wonderful Second day.  The weather was overcast so it was perfect for the aquarium.  The kids absolutely loved the aquarium especially my Henry.  He is still an animal lover for sure.  We like the set up of the Tennessee Aquarium better than the Georgia Aquarium.  It was really neat.  We had another Awesome Day!!

This Incline Railway was a little scary I must say....

We had just got finished seeing an Imax movie at the Aquarium.  I took the wonderful opportunity to nurse the baby.  As you can see the movie was over before I had time to get all packed up.  I walked out and Eric said that I looked like Joe Shit the Ragman.  Ha!  

A little hotel swimming.  The boys thought this was so cool.  They tried the outside pool but it was way to cold.  

Little Robert curls his toes just like his daddy!  It is precious.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Family Weekend Getaway ~ Chattanooga ~ Day 1

Over Columbus Day we decided we would take a little family weekend away.  We decided on Chattanooga for many reasons.  It is close, kid friendly, and we had never been there.  It was a great choice.  We all had such a wonderful time.  We left early Saturday morning.  On Saturday we did Ruby Falls and Rock City.  The boys liked Ruby Falls but Loved Rock City.  Rock City was mine and Eric's favorite too.  I will apologize for all the pictures....the boys, especially Henry was adamant about me taking pictures of them.  I had to post them all so they will end up in my blog book, or I would be in trouble by the boys!  Our first day was wonderful!! 
*Oh and I swear the green shirts were not planned.....we didn't notice it until we were walking in Ruby Falls.  Seems I have a tendency to do this on trips......last time it was stripes... Ha Ha


 Little Robert was with us...Poor baby is never in pictures because he is always strapped to mama!  Here he is in his happiest place sucking his thumb!!


 This was cool.  You could see 7 states standing here..  That blew the mind of the boys, well and me too!