Monday, September 29, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

New back pack and Baseball

Took Foster to get a new lunch box for school.  The school provides the back pack but he saw this one and died over it.  So of course I had to get it for him.  It is great for him to put his little things in when we are out running errands, or when he goes places.  He wouldn't take it off of him the first couple of days.  Bless.  The other pictures are of him and daddy playing baseball.  He wanted to practice before he started playing T-Ball.  He seriously has the best daddy around.  My husband is the worlds best daddy.  My boys adore him.  He would rather be with his family then do anything else.  We are so lucky. 

This picture sums up the love these two share....It wasn't a posed picture either.  I just captured the two of them talking.  Melts my heart!

First day of 5th and 3rd Grade

The boys started school on August 5th.  Walker is in 5th grade this year and his teacher is Mrs. Mayfield.  Henry is in 3rd grade this year and his teacher is Mrs. Harris.  We are looking forward to a wonderful school year.  Foster also started summer camp at preschool the same day.  His camp was for 3 weeks and 3 days a week.  He was so excited!

Sums it up...

This picture sums up our Foster....Wild and in Charge...God bless him.  He is definitely one of a kind and has taught us so much about parenting.  He is like parenting for the first time.  We love him and wouldn't change it for the world.  He will be something one day.  Probably an entrepreneur because he is the Boss.  He isn't going to be able to work for anyone that is for sure....Ha Ha

Granddaddy and Robert

I love this picture of Granddaddy and Robert!  Simply precious!  We all can't wait for Granddaddy to retire in the next few months!  We are anxious to have him here all the time.  The boys love their Granddaddy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Robert's Newborn Pics

I was pleased with how well his pictures turned out.  I love them all!  However, I do think the ones with my wedding rings are as cheesey as cheese can be BUT the lady insisted on doing it so I let her.  She captured what I wanted most and that was my baby.  I hate a lot of props in pictures.  I really had to beg her to not use any props.  I had to keep saying, I just want my baby.  Thankfully she listened and I am very pleased.  I could eat him up!!
*Don't mind the way I look....I did not plan on having my picture taken with him.  Oh well!

I love this picture she captured of him nursing!!  

Week with Mom and Dad and my 34th Birthday

Eric took off the first week after Robert was born.  It was just our little family at home for the first week.  We really enjoy this time together as our little family.  When Eric went back to work I had my parents come in town for the week.  That was when I would need the help the most.  Goodness were they a big help!  Mom cooked meals every night, daddy piddled and did some projects around our house, and of course they both helped out with the boys! We had such a wonderful week together!  I always hate to see them leave!
Foster helping Gran Jan snap green beans

 Poor little Robert.....Foster thought he needed some on his head

Love this picture of my dad and Robert
Ok...So I just saw this picture and it could possibly be one of my most favorite pictures.  I had no idea that Eric took this picture.  It is of me and my biggest and littlest!  Love being a mama!

The boys made me a beautiful cake.  It had roses all along the bottom that they picked from the yard.  It meant the world to me!

Love this picture of Mom and Dad and my boys!