Monday, October 20, 2014

Visit to GranJan and Pops

A few weeks ago me and the two littles went to Mom and Dads for a night.  I have started getting my hair done in Greenville by one of my good friends.  It is a perfect set up.  I can go up and take the two littles and Mom and dad can watch them while I get my hair done.  Not only that but I get to sit and gab with one of my dear friends for 3 hours and play catch up.  Then, I get to visit with some of my other girls while there. Plus, I get to stay and hang out with mom and dad..... They help with kids, cook good food, and I get to have a little break.  So yes, I am not crazy for going to Greenville, SC to get my hair done.  I am blessed..... So I just started doing this.  It was perfect.  These pictures are from my trip to get my hair done... Wouldn't you do the same?  I love my hair and I love my new decision.  Any excuse to get me to go home to mom and dads I am there. 
A little Golf Cart ride..

We took the boys to Niven's Apple Farm.  Foster was able to pick apples (which he was so excited about), do a hay ride, play on playground, corn maze, and pick out a pumpkin.  It was the most perfect day with my boys and mom and dad.  We even got to visit both of my grandmothers, and we had lunch with my Aunt Wewe.  It is just perfect!




The boys and The Miller

My friend Carrie and her little boy Miller came to visit us for a night recently.  Carrie has some customers here and will stay here when she is in town. I told her to bring Miller and I would watch him while she made calls.  So it all worked out perfect.  We were able to have a little girl porch time at night and then play with the kiddos during the day.  He is the cutest little guy ever! I just love him.  Foster really loved playing with him.  It was super cute.  Can't wait for them to come back to visit soon!!!


Huge Helper

Green Eggs

This boy is a egg eating fool!  He loves them.  We have been trying different colors and he loves doing this!!

Little and Little Lovin

Stop on Blue Ridge Parkway in VA


Haley and David's Wedding

This was the perfect day for a wedding!  The venue that they got married at was just beautiful.  We had such a great time visiting with family and celebrating their wedding.  Haley made a beautiful bride and we wish them a lifetime of happiness!



Robert and Robert

Looks like we have another "henry" dancing at weddings!

The handsome couple!!