Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Walkers 11th Birthday Party

Walker had a few friends over to celebrate his Birthday.  He wanted to go to Jump Street and then back home to spend he night.  They had an absolute blast.  I realized after looking at these pictures I really didn't take much nor did I take a group pic.  This was about all I had.  Anyways we have great memories!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

He likes his greens

Yum Yum

6 month photo shoot

Lots of pics below just because he is so dang cute, and such a fun busy age.  I think these pictures captures him so well at 6 months. 

Robert 6 Months

My baby is 6  months old.  Where is the time going?  This child is the light of my world and makes me so happy.  He is such a joy.  We all are having the most fun with this angel.  He is sitting up, taking 2 really good naps, sleeps well at night, and is cooing and gooing.  His smile will light up the room.  His little hair is starting to stick up and it looks like little baby chick's hair.  He still looks just like Henry's baby pictures but yet we see so much of Foster and Walker in him too.  His smile is just like Walker's was as a baby.  He smiles with his whole face.  We love you to pieces little Robert!!
Weight: 16 lbs ~ 24 %
Height:  26.5  ~ 51 %

My boy and his Guitar

Walker has shown some interest in Guitar.  He decided that he wanted to take some Guitar lessons this year instead of playing Lacrosse this season.  So in January we started Guitar and he loves it.  He has a fabulous teacher who gives us such amazing feedback.  He really thinks that Walker is doing really well.  We hope this is something that he may keep up.  I am amazed how well he can play already and I love listening to him play! 

Walker's Science Fair Project

Walker did his project on which laundry detergent gets stains out better.  We had white wash cloths and he went outside and got mud on them.  I washed each one separately.  The detergents used were Era, Tide, Gain, and Arm and Hammer.  The Arm and Hammer won.  We have just switched and I love it!!  Good job Walker