Sunday, February 15, 2015

Going to see Christmas Lights

One of our traditions is to make cookies, and popcorn and hop in my car and go look at Christmas Lights.  We always have the most fun and this year we found the best neighborhood!!!  This is one of our favorite traditions!!

His favorite spot...

right under my neck....Love him!

Foster's Christmas Program and Party

 Foster was adorable and did great at his program.  He sang the songs, and smiled the entire time.  I could eat his face off!

My Superhero of the Month and Christmas Party

Henry was chosen to be SuperHero of the Month of December.  We are so very proud of him and this is well deserved.  Henry is such a great student. 

 I love the things he said about what he does best: sports, imagination, good at school, running, and making decisions.  I asked him why he said making decisions...We all know that Henry has the hardest time making decisions.  He said, " I always make good decisions".  That he does for sure because he is such a rule follower...unlike his mama!  Ha Ha

This pic looks nothing like him...I just had to post.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Little Littles

Date Day with Foster

Foster and I went to play glow in the dark putt putt all by ourselves.  We had an absolute blast! It was so good spending some one on one time with my wild child.  I love him!

Walker got Braces..

My boy Walker got BRACES!!! I can't believe it.  He was so excited and did amazing!  They really look adorable on him.  However after a few days he wished he didn't have them.  He was in a good bit of pain and honestly didn't eat hardly anything for about 3 weeks.  My boy is growing up!!

AFTER ( this pic is fuzzy not sure why)